Topic List of Fat Burning Diet Items

  • Wed 13th Sep 2017 - 1:23pm

    What to eat? Protein, complex carbs, fiber, healthy fats (monounsaturated, Omega), and foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

    Calories? DO NOT REDUCE CALORIES! Reducing caloriesFat Shredder Kickboxing  is a sure fire way to yo-yo dieting! When you reduce calories, you slow down your metabolism. A slow metabolism will equal stored calories. Stored calories over time turn to fat....and excess weight! So, eat the amount of amount of calories you are supposed to get based off of your current weight. You shrink belly fat by burning off calories by way of exercise....not reducing them.

    How to eat? Eat 6 times daily instead of the usual 3. This will cause a significant boost in your metabolism. Start with breakfast (never skip) and eat every 2-3 hours after.

    Tip #2 - Consistency- Understand that you can not shrink belly fat and lose weight fast without staying 100% consistent....and I mean 100% CONSISTENT! That is the sure fire way to get rid of stubborn belly fat. If you eat right EVERY day, you do effective exercise, you get plenty of sleep EVERY night, you drink plenty of water daily.....ladies and WILL see results...and see them fast!
    Weight loss is necessary not only for looks; it could sometimes even save your life. Your health and quality of life could drastically improve with the loss of excess weight. Experts believe that even a loss of 10% of your body weight greatly reduces your chances of developing weight related conditions like diabetes and heart related problems. Weight loss definitely makes you feel better, look better and live better.


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